Mental health, an strategic factor

We support companies in their well-being management, to positively impact teams and business performance

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Technology, science and people to automate the process of mental health in organizations.

We follow a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, empowering employees and companies to reach their full potential.

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01 our purpose
Promoting mental health as an strategic business factor

Visibilizar la salud mental

Promoting mental health
Integrating it into people’s daily lives, in their workplaces. An environment where we spend many hours and which is one of the main precursors of stress and discomfort.
Strategic factor
Understanding the impact that the mental and emotional state of people have on companies and vice versa. Helping companies and people to know themselves better so they can grow in a sustainable way.
Mentiness process
Combining, in a single platform, People Analytics, resources and psychological services to create a comprehensive process for managing mental health in the company: listening to data, detecting risks and their causes, and intervention, monitoring the ROI of the actions.
02 our pilars
Well-being SaaS with a scientific and human approach

At Mentiness, we offer comprehensive mental health solutions tailored to organizations and teams. Based on the possibilities of technology, these solutions are complemented with services and professional support.

All of this is channeled through a platform that facilitates the daily and strategic management of well-being in the company.

Ethical technology

We are aware of the current importance of technology and the benefits it can have on our work. That is why we integrate it into what we do and what we offer. But there are some things that are genuinely human that must remain so to ensure not only the best results, but also the best support and the best solution.

  • In-house programmers and psychologists
  • Continuous improvement of the platform

Certified expertise

We take care of the profiles of each of our professionals, choosing the best in the different specialties. In the same way, we take care of their working conditions and well-being to ensure the mental health of our own collaborators.

  • Guarantee of good service
  • Scientific approach

Prevention without stigmas

Sciences such as medicine are part of our daily life through preventive methods such as hygiene habits, annual check-ups or a healthy lifestyle.

At Mentiness we believe that in terms of mental health this everyday life should be the same. For this reason, we work to implement psychological tools in people’s daily lives to help them, individually and as part of their companies, to improve without the need for them to get sick.

  • Preventive approach
  • Confidenciality
  • Immediate feedback
03 founders
Technology, psychology and business experts

Javier Serrano Fernández
Founder of the Galicia chapter of NeurotechX (the world’s largest neurotechnology organization). Former CTO of Diariomotor and Menéame.
Rebeca Calvo Barros
Health psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist. Co-founder of CóidoME and expert in emotional intelligence in the business realm.
Óscar de Miguel
Over 15 years of experience in startups.
Founder of Diariomotor (exit to Atresmedia, 2021)
President of Startup Galicia.
Jonathan Peñalver
PhD in organizational psychology and HR. Head of research.
José Lorenzo Cameselle
Senior full stack developer. Passionate about technology and AI.
Diego García Sánchez
Psychologist specialized in methodologies and PhD candidate in economics and management control.
Transforming organizations through their people