Data, drivers and solutions for well-being

The all-in-one platform that automates the management of mental health in your company.

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End to end mental health
Collect data, predict risks and identify causes. Get recommendations for action to preserve well-being, reduce costs and boost productivity.
People Analytics to predict 88 areas of individual and organizational well-being through science-based anonymous surveys.
Access to a diagnosis of your company’s mental health and anticipate sick leaves or rotations.
Design your actions following the resulting data and boost personal development and performance. Provide the team with training and psychological support.
The all-in-one platform, tailored to your needs

Measurement, training and therapy. The comprehensive SaaS to take care of your team’s mental health.

Get the data, resources and psychological services you need to meet your organization’s challenges while preserving well-being.

Psychological well-being

Measure and identify what’s behind your team’s stress and offer them the resources to improve their emotional management.

  • Assess well-being
  • Discover the causes of stress
  • Activate training and prevention plans
  • Give your team access to emotional and stress management experts

Team management

Improve corporate communication and empower your managers to drive their team, while protecting their own well-being.

  • Analyze leadership style and its impact
  • Measure emotional intelligence
  • Train managers in leadership and emotional management
  • Monitor change

Remote environments

Measure the well-being of your remote teams and enhance communication to create a safe and productive environment.

  • Insights into the impact of remote working
  • Analysis of communication difficulties, feedback or loneliness
  • Access to specific sessions with managers
  • Option to open a bank of hours for team sessions

Other specific scenarios

Moments of change are key to measure the state of the team and to know its strengths to overcome challenges such as acquisition, exponential growth, offboardings, layoffs, onboardings…

  • Specific dynamic survey during the different phases
  • Training tailored to your needs
  • Training sessions with managers
03 estrategy
We address mental health as an strategic factor
A culture of well-being is not an extra benefit for the team, it’s a fundamental resource for a sustainable business.
People Analytics
Get to know what is happening at all times with quality data and make agile decisions, tailored to the needs of your organization.
Cuantitative and qualitative approach
Customizable surveys, developed by psychologists, enable you to gather valuable information about employees and work environment.
Insights as a tool
Optimize time and resources by investing in data-driven strategic actions and monitor their impact on the company.
04 impact
Visible, measurable results

Build your HR strategy based on data. Leave trial and error behind and adjust actions with agility, monitoring their impact in real time.

Reduce stress and turnover, improve climate and engagement to drive the team and the business in a sustainable way.

How many employees work in your company?
need urgent attention
require prevention measures
want to boost their personal development
The complete wellbeing solution tailored to your organization’s challenges