Drive business and team well-being, from detection to intervention

The all-inclusive SaaS for mental health: People Analytics, support, and resources that will transform your company

Technology, science and an expert team for a data-driven 
HR strategy to maximize ROI

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One platform. The complete well-being solution
Learn how your team is feeling
Monitor team’s mental health to prevent risks, improve their personal development or take action based on data.
Real-time reporting
Use real-time data to analyze company and business metrics, and get valuable insights to develop impactful strategies.
Customized solution and support
Work with a tailored solution, with resources and features that meet your objectives.
Our process
Anonymous, scientifically based surveys to assess the team’s well-being.
Identify and predict the causes of their mental health difficulties.
Insights, training and professionals to transform your organization in a sustainable way.

Real-time charts: segment by groups, departments and locations to get the information you need.


Design actions tailored to data and objectives, choose workshops or online courses and monitor their impact on well-being and business results.


Confidential online sessions with psychologists of different specialties: coaching, family therapy, burnout, …

Mental health is the #1 cause of time off work
of workers experience stress
extra cost per employee
rotation increase
worsening of work climate
How many employees work in your company?
need urgent attention
require prevention measures
want to boost their personal development
Data-driven well-being for people and business
Success Stories
“Mentiness has helped to understand the results well and to know which are the factors where we should propose an action plan.”
Paula Isart
HR Coordinator
“The study of employee satisfaction and climate has been made possible thanks to a very powerful and intuitive tool.”
Carmen Prego Pastoriza
People Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you receive employee data?

Our data is collected through scientifically backed surveys that are automated through the platform. We can also integrate with your HR Software to collect data on employee life (leaves, turnovers, absenteeism, etc.)

What aspects can I measure with Mentiness?

We co-create the measurement strategy based on your KPIs. Our metrics range from factors purely linked to mental health, or the causes of stress, as well as others linked to leadership, culture, engagement or even ENPS. The idea is to give you a panoramic view of all levels of Maslow’s pyramid, to make better decisions

When is the evaluation done?

Our metrics are designed to be applied at specific moments (annual surveys, semi-annual surveys…) or dynamically. They can be answered from weekly, to every fifteen days, every month…

How does the HR department receive the data?

HR has its own profile on the platform. They can view the data segmented by groups, or for each evaluated variable.

How long does the implementation take?

To implement the tool, we create different lines of work: at the legal level, at the communication and marketing level, and at the HR level. This process takes less than 2 weeks and the platform, on a technical level, is implemented in less than 48 hours

Do you carry out actions besides collecting data and implementing surveys?

Yes, within the platform you will find various resources for employees such as training and e-learning content. You can also deploy, parallel to the metrics, or independently, the assistance module with our team of health psychologists for therapy and support.

Integrate the well-being platform with your HR software