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The first platform that automates wellbeing management processes in your organization, saving you time and resources.

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People Analytics and quality services

Find out the causes
Find oFor sustainable improvement, treating symptoms is not enough. Find out what causes mental health, culture and climate problems.ut the causes
Save time
The platform integrates with other HR software and you can measure the well-being of your organization in minutes.
Avoid off-the-shelf solutions
Customizing the questions to the team according to the context and their needs will allow you to get the right levers for action.
Improve emotional intelligence
Para una mejora sostenible no basta con tratar los síntomas. Descubre qué causa los problemas de salud mental, cultura y clima.
Anticipate difficulties
Predict more than 88 areas of individual and organizational well-being with surveys, anticipating turnover or sick leaves.
Monitor impact
Get visible and measurable results from HR strategic actions and support their impact on ROI with real-time quality data.
Follow-up surveys
Choose the indicators you want to evaluate in each team and they will receive by email a battery of customized questions. With their answers you will know the state of the organization in real time.


Organize your strategy based on data with metrics linked to business KPIs, according to the objectives set.
Scientific backing
The questions have been designed by psychologists to get answers that provide valuable information.
Confidential and brief
The team will receive the follow-up micro-survey by email. Anonymity is preserved at all times.
Segmented metrics tailored to your needs
Know the needs of each team and offer them specific solutions backed by data, reducing their economic impact.

People Analytics
Obtain critical information to make strategic decisions that drive the development of your organization and monitor the return on each action.

Cuantitative and cualitative approach
Get anonymous, segmented data with quantitative and qualitative reports. Uncover latent problems and act before they cost the company money.
Professional support
Removes barriers to accessing mental health care with individual online sessions tailored to each user’s needs and led by mental health professionals.

We are with you as you change

We will have follow-up meetings every month and you will have support at your disposal via chat or email.
Professional psychological care
Access to a directory of clinical psychologists with different specialties (burnout, coaching for managers…).
AI Chat
Our chatbot with ChatGPT4 provides feedback on the scores obtained by the user.
Tailor-made, group or individual
Provide the team with online sessions on soft skills or personal development or access to group workshops for managers, departments, …

Use of data to understand and make evidence-based decisions about human talent.

Courses and materials
To extract valuable information about employees and the work environment.
Designed to improve mental health
Start automating mental health and well-being processes in your organization now after a simple implementation in less than 48 hours.
Everything you need for your organization’s well-being, with just a click