Mentiness, the startup that takes care of mental health within the company

24 de March de 2021
3 min

Mentiness, the startup that takes care of mental health within the company

The Galician startup Mentiness launches the first Spanish platform dedicated to the prevention and care of mental health within companies. Motivated by the increase in cases of anxiety and depression due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Javier Serrano, CEO of Mentiness, has launched an online platform with which he wants to eliminate the barriers to accessing mental health.

Although there are not yet official figures, both psychologists and human resources experts have warned of the increase in cases of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress in recent months. According to data from IQVIA reported by El País, during the first months of lockdown, the consumption of psychotropic drugs increased by 20%, a situation that is aggravated by the difficulty of accessing mental health professionals through Social Security, which postpones people’s psychological problems until they become unsustainable.

Mentiness aims to help companies prevent leave due to depression and anxiety, improve relationships within teams, and provide executives with tools for responsible leadership. This platform includes individual sessions, group workshops, and online training adapted to the needs of each client and led by mental health professionals.

For Javier Serrano, “it is fundamental to eliminate the barriers to accessing mental health for the entire population, and we believe that Mentiness can help in this regard. When creating our platform, we not only thought about people who feel they have a problem but also about helping to resolve work, family, or personal situations that may interfere with their daily jobs.” 

Creating a safe environment for mental health care

One of the pillars of Mentiness in helping workers achieve psychological well-being is maintaining the anonymity of the people using the platform at all times. Companies will be able to access anonymized reports on the number of users using Mentiness, as well as qualitative and quantitative data, with all guarantees that no data from the consultations will be disclosed, as indicated by the ethical code of the College of Psychologists.

In October, the WHO already warned of the need to increase the budget allocated to mental health and Mentiness aims to be a tool to achieve this. Through this platform, companies will be able to offer employees the psychological treatment with which they feel most comfortable, through 100% online individual sessions, group workshops, or distance learning taught by professionals.

If we want to avoid leave due to anxiety and depression, it is essential to act as soon as possible through prevention mechanisms and psychological reinforcement. Mentiness offers companies those tools so that their employees feel good in a safe environment adapted to the needs of each case.